Mediator Probe PCR (MP PCR)
The new real-time PCR application is characterised by

- a high sensitivity,
- tremendous specificity and a
- high degree of flexibility
Take advantage of state-of-the-art synthesis technology:
Oligonucleotides with all popular modifications at reasonable prices and with a reliable quality. Oligos for PCR, short, unmodified and quickly delivered are offered as well as high quality RNA oligos, probes for qPCR and FISH or reliable cloning oligos of (nearly) any length.
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Electrochemical detection
Oligonucleotide-based biosensors (E-sensors) for electrochemical detection can be labelled with

- Methylene blue
- Ferrocene or
- Anthraquinone
- Viologen

DoubleQuenched Probes from
Achieve greater sensitivity for your qPCR with our
DoubleQuenched Probes!

The incorporation of an additional internal quencher
- improves the efficiency of quenching even with longer qPCR probes
- increases the qPCR sensitivity
- reduces undesired background fluorescence

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Maleimides -
covalent linkage between molecules
Maleimide-modified oligos easily react with thiol forming a
stable covalent bond between the corresponding molecules.

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Literature Highlights
Protocols, interesting literature and further information around the topic of oligonucleotides.

- Smart-Seq for transkriptome analysis (Picelli et al., 2014)
- Mediator Probe PCR (Faltin et al., 2012)
- MiL-FISH: Multi-labelled oligonucleotides (Schimak et al., 2015)
DNA oligos
- Unmodified oligos
- short and extra long oligos
- XXL DNA (10-500 mg)
- Sequence modifications
- Wobbles
RNA oligos
- unmodified RNA
up to 120 bases

- RNA oligo annealing
- XL and XXL RNA (5-50 mg)
- RNA modifications
- 2´-modified RNA
qPCR Probes
- Dual-Labelled Oligos
- Double Quenched Probes
- MGB Probes
- Molecular Beacons
- Scorpions
- FRET Probes
PNA oligos
- Peptide nucleic acid oligomers (PNA)
- 6-25 bases
- various modifications possible
- extreme stability
FISH Probes
- Fluorescence probes
mono-, dope-, tetraProbes
- multiProbes
- HRP probes
- smiFISH OligoPools
Locked Nucleic Acid
- high affinity and stability
- increased melting temperature
- ideal for qPCR probes, aptamers, antisense oligos, LNA FISH probes etc.