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RNA oligonucleotides

RNA up to 120 bases

RNA up to 120 bases


Extra-long, synthetic RNA oligonucleotides can be synthesised now up to length of 120 bases!

- Long synthetic RNA oligonucleotides are used for a variety of applications (e.g. CRISPR)
- purification by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) is already included
- 1 OD delivery amount is guaranteed has revised the options for RNA and now offers a broad range of lengths and modifications. Besides short RNAs mainly used in si-RNA-research, now offer also RNA in new scales up to a length of 
120 bases
. Modifications are possible for RNAs up to 40 bases. 

All RNA are purified by HPLC and will be delivered dry as single strand, if not explicitly stated otherwise. 

Upon request, we also perform the annealing of two complementary RNA oligo strands for you and send you the final RNA oligo duplex. 
If you are interested, please send us the desired sequences via our Excel order form and indicate which strands should be annealed.
If you have any questions regarding the order process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Length Synthesis scale Yield (HPLC)* Yield (PAGE)*
2-7 Basen RM7 > 2 OD -
  RL7 > 5 OD -
12-27 Basen RS27 > 2 OD -
8-27 Basen RM27 > 5 OD > 1 OD
  RL27 > 10 OD > 3 OD
28-40 Basen RS40 > 3 OD -
  RM40 > 5 OD > 1 OD
  RL40 > 10 OD > 3 OD
41-60 Basen RM60 > 2 OD > 1 OD
  RL60 > 5 OD > 3 OD
61-80 Basen RM80 > 2 OD > 1 OD
  RL80 > 5 OD > 3 OD
81-100 Basen RM100 - > 1 OD
101-120 Basen RM120 - > 1 OD

* The given yield refers to the guaranteed delivery amount in OD, the resulting values in µg or nmol depend on the length of the oligonucleotide.   The yields are valid for mixed sequences and may vary for sequences with strong secondary structures and homopolymers.

Discounts RNA

New discounts for the scales RS27 and RS40                   


From 45,89 EUR / 41,40 GBP per RNA oligonucleotide in scale RS27.                     
The HPLC purification is already included.

Our current RNA flyer with all available scales and discounts can be downloaded here.

Length Synthesis  scale Yield (HPLC)2
12-27 bases RS27 > 2 OD
28-40 bases RS40 > 3 OD


Synthesis scale                    Number of oligos per order3                Price per oligo (EUR / GBP)4
RS27 ≥ 1 69,00 €
62,10 £
  ≥ 6 62,10 
55,89 £
  ≥ 12 55,20 
49,68 £
  ≥ 24 48,30 €
43,47 £
RS40 ≥ 1 129,00 €
116,10 £
  ≥ 6 116,10 €
104,49 £
  ≥ 12 103,20 €
92,88 £
  ≥ 24 90,30 €
81,27 £

1 The discount price (24 oligos) per RNA oligo in scale RS27 is in EUR (€). VAT may apply. The Early Bird Discount is already included. 
2 The yield represents the guaranteed minimum yield in OD. The final yield in µg and nmol depends on the length of the oligonucleotide and may vary for homopolymers or oligos with strong secondary structures. Purification by PAGE is available on request.  
3 The number of oligos per order refers to the scales RS27 and RS40.
4 The prices are in EUR (€). VAT and shipping may apply. The scales are valid for unmodified RNA oligos with mixed sequences and a length of 12-40 bases. 

XL and XXL scale RNA

XL and XXL scale for RNA oligos with 8 to 27 bases

Synthesis scale RXL27-5MG RXXL27-10MG RXXL27-25MG RXXL27-50MG
Yield (mg) > 5 mg > 10 mg > 25 mg > 50 mg
Yield (OD), ca. 170 OD 350 OD 850 OD  1700 OD
Yield (µmol) 20mer, ca. 0,75 µmol 1,5 µmol 3,5 µmol 7,5 µmol

The scales are valid for unmodified RNA oligonucleotides from 8 to 27 bases with a mixed sequence. 
All XL and XXL RNA oligonucleotides will be HPLC purified and Maldi quality checked.

For any further information about other lengths, purifications, quality checks of oligos or modifications please contact us!

Modified RNA

Modified RNA


RNA up to a length of 40 bases can be combined with multiple modifications, please see here an overview for possible modifications for 5´- or 3´-coupling.

  5'-modifications 3'-modifications
Biotin yes yes
Aminolink C6 yes yes
Phosphate yes yes
6-Fam yes yes
Hex, Tet yes -
Cyanine 3 yes -
Tamra yes yes
Atto-dyes yes yes
Dyomics-dyes yes yes
TQ2, TQ3 - yes
BHQ-1, BHQ-2, BBQ-650 - yes
dT dT* - yes
Inverted end - yes
Spacer C3 - yes

* For RNA oligonucelotides with synthesis scale RM27 and RL27 3‘ dinucleotide overhangs can be added as 3‘ modification. 

2'-modified RNA

2'-modified RNA


This RNA has modifications at the 2'-position of ribose. offers here a selection of different modifications:

  • 2´-OH
  • 2´-O-Methyl
  • 2´-O-Propargyl
  • 2´-O-Propylamin
  • 2´-Amino
  • 2´-Fluoro

If an oxygen is linked at 2´-carbon of the sugar, by definition it is a ribose. This does not mean that this ribose may bear the base thymine (instead of uracil). 

2´-modifizierte RNA

Antisense oligonucleotides having a modification at the 2'-hydroxyl group (2´-methyl), often show an increased stability to enzymatic degradation. This also facilitates an improved distribution of the oligos in the cell, as well as improved pharmacokinetics of the antisense oligos can be derived1. Furthermore, it was observed that 2'-modified oligonucleotides (2´-O-methyl, 2´-O-propyl, 2´-O-fluoro) bind with greater affinity to complementary RNA2.

Please contact the customer support for availability and delivery times.
Tel +49 731 70 396 0 |

1. Pharmacokinetic Properties of 2´-O-(2-Methoxyethyl)-Modified Oligonucleotide Analogs in Rats. Geary RS, Watanabe TA, Truong L, Freier S, Lesnik EA, Sioufi NB, Samor H, Manoharan M, Levin AA; The Journal of Pharmacology and experimental Therapeutics (2001), Vol. 296, No. 3; JPET 296:890–897.

2. Evaluation of 2´-Modified Oligonucleotides Containing 2’-Deoxy Gaps as Antisense Inhibitors of Gene Expression. Monia BP, Lesnik EA, Gonzalez C, Lima WF, McGee D, Guinosso CJ, Kawasaki AM, Cook PD, Freier SM; The Journal of Biological Chemistry (1993), Inc. Val. 268, No. 19, pp. 14514-14522. 




It has recently become possible to order RNA that are composed entirely of 2´-O-Methyl-RNA nucleotides, directly and comfortable online.  To do this, choose the type of nucleic acid in our online order form and order easily and conveniently Full-2'-OMe-RNA nucleotides at low price. 

              Scale                       Price per base                           Price per base Full-PTO
S-2´-OMe-RNA 6,00 € / 5.40 £ 8,00 € / 7.20 £
M-2´-OMe-RNA 8,00 € / 7.20 £ 10,00 € / 9.00 £
L-2´-OMe-RNA 12,00 € / 10.80 £ 14,00 € / 12.60 £

The HPLC purification of the RNA oligos is included.

For further information please contact our customer support service at any time. 
Tel +49 731 70 396 0   ǀ

VAT and shipping costs may apply.