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Unmodified DNA oligonucleotides

Standard scale for oligonucleotides

Standard oligonucleotides up to 140 bases


Standard oligonucleotides are provided by in four different scales. Here please find an overview of the offered length, yields, and purifications:

Synthesis scale1 XS
0,02 µmol
0,05 µmol
0,2 µmol
1,0 µmol
     Length (bases) 12-60 12-140 12-140 6-140
     Wobbles - yes yes yes
     Cartridge yes yes - -
     HPLC - yes yes yes
     PAGE - yes yes yes
     Cartridge/HPLC > 2 OD > 3 OD > 10 OD > 30 OD
     PAGE - > 1 OD > 3 OD > 10 OD
     Quality control4        
     Maldi yes yes yes yes

1. The synthesis scale defines the amount of starting material, it is not the yield of the finalised oligo. Due to the many steps of synthesis, processing and purification the final yield is significantly lower.

2. Oligos are delivery exclusively with purification. At least a cartridge purification is applied. We do not offer unpurified oligo nor only desalted oligos. By default all oligonucleotides with more than 60 bases in standard scales S - L are purified by HPLC (optional PAGE may be chosen).

3. The yields provided at "guaranteed delivery amount" are valid for a mixed 20mer DNA-sequence. For significantly shorter or longer oligos as well as for homopolymers this yield may differ. According to our experience, the actual delivery amounts exceed the guaranteed yields significantly, certainly we deliver the total yield.

4. Routinely, each oligo up to a length of 50 bases will be checked for quality by Maldi mass spectrometry.


Oligonucleotides up to 200 bases

Extra long oligos up to 200 bases

Our new special synthesis CG scale includes:
  • Non-modified oligonucleotides between 140 and 200 bases
  • Optimised synthesis conditions due to special cycles and chemicals
  • Continuous monitoring of synthesis progress (trityl monitoring)
  • Guaranteed yield > 250 pmol of purified oligonucleotide
  • Inclusive 2-step purification: Reverse phase HPLC purification is followed by PAGE purification

How many correct clones can be expected ? We have analysed the results for you:

In cooperation with the University of Ulm, we exemplarily analysed a 200mer synthesised by, which was amplified by PCR, cloned and finally sequenced. Out of 10 analysed clones 30% showed exactly the designated sequence. In a further clone a one base-insertion was found at position 22, in another the deletion of one base at position 147. In four additional clones several deletions were found. Due to synthesis errors, we expected mainly deletions of one or two bases, transitions and transversions as well as insertions. Interestingly, besides these expected changes, we found several deletions between 4 and 16 bases in a row. These can hardly be explained by synthesis errors, because the cyclic reaction of the synthesis is very unlikely to "skip" more than one or two bases. Likely the reason for these deletions is connected to the PCR reaction or the polymerase used (see also Hecker et al., 1998, BioTechniques 24:256-260).

In further analyses an average of 3 correct clones out of 5 has been found.


2 - 5mer oligos

2 - 5mer oligos


The actual synthesis process is identical for almost all lengths of oligonucleotides. Due to the small molecular size, very short oligos, however, differ in terms of the isolation and purification. We offer specific synthesis scales for di, tri, tetra and pentamer oligonucleotides including the corresponding adapted purification:

Synthesis scale DL2 DL3 DL4 DL5
     Length (bases) 2 3 4 5
     HPLC-purification yes yes yes yes
     Maldi-quality control yes yes yes yes
     Yield (µmol) approx. 0,2 0,2 0,2 0,2

Mid Scale DNA

Mid Scale DNA


Mid Scale DNA synthesis (XXL)
Oligonucleotide amounts from 10 mg to 500 mg.

Do you need more? No problem. We offer for our XXL scales oligonucleotide amounts from 10 mg to 500 mg.
All scales are valid for DNA oligonucleotides with a length of 12-40 bases without wobbles.

Synthese scale  XXL10MG XXL25MG XXL50MG XXL100MG XXL250MG XXL500MG
     Yield (mg) > 10 mg > 25 mg > 50 mg > 100 mg > 250 mg > 500 mg
     Yield (OD), ca. 400 OD 850 OD 1700 OD 3400 OD 8500 OD 17000 OD
     Yield (µmol) 20mer, ca. 1,8 µmol 3,5 µmol 7,5 µmol 15 µmol 38 µmol 77 µmol

In addition, we offer a wide range of modifications available for all our XXL DNA scales. 
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