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BMN Dyes and Quenchers

BMN Dyes– Dyes from

BMN-488, BMN-505, BMN-536, BMN-562

In addition to the wide range of known fluorescent dyes, also offers its own excellent alternatives.
The so-called BMN dyes can be attached to an oligonucleotide at the 5´- or 3´-end.

Dye                ABS [nm]              EM [nm] Alternative to
BMN-488 495 519 Atto 488, Alexa Fluor 488® (identical structure)
BMN-505 507 524 Fam, Fluorescein, FITC
BMN-536 536 553 Carboxyrhodamin 6G, Atto Rho6G
BMN-562 562 578 Rhodamin B


BMN Quencher – Quenchers from

BMN-Q460, BMN-Q535, BMN-Q590, BMN-Q620, BMN-Q650

In addition to this wide range of available quenchers, also offers excellent alternatives.
The BMN quenchers of are excellent alternatives to the traditional Dark Quenchers due to their optimal matching quenching range.

Quencher 5' intern 3' Alternative to
BMN-Q460 x x x Dabcyl, DDQ I
BMN-Q535 x x x BHQ-1, TQ2, DDQ I, Iowa Black FQ, Eclipse-Quencher
BMN-Q590     x BHQ-2
BMN-Q620 x x x BBQ-650, DDQ II
BMN-Q650     x BBQ-650, DDQ II



With an absorption maximum of 460 nm, our Dark Quencher BMN-Q460 is particularly suitable for the short-wavelength region and represents an excellent alternative for the quenchers Dabcyl and DDQ I.
In addition to use in Molecular Beacons, in which it inhibits fluorescent signals by contact-quenching, BMN-Q460 can be used in various molecular biological applications. As 3´-quencher in Dual-Labelled probes (5´-nuclease assay), BMN-Q460 can be used in the range of 400-530 nm, so it is ideally suited for the fluorophores Atto 390, Atto 425 and Atto 465. offers the quencher BMN-Q460 as 5´-, 3´- or internal modification.


BMN-Q535 is the second Dark Quencher of and has an absorption maximum at about 535 nm and a quenching range from about 480 nm to 580 nm. This is the same range as BHQ-1, TQ2, DDQ I, Eclipse-Quencher or Iowa Black FQ, so BMN-Q535 may be an excellent alternative for this quenching.
BMN-Q535 is used as 3'-modification for standard Dual-Labelled Probes and Molecular Beacons.
We offer this quencher as 5 'or 3 modification. In addition, BMN-Q535 can be used as internal modification in Double Quenched probes with increased sensitivity.

               Dual-Labelled Probe              Double Quenched Probe              Molecular Beacon Probe
dual-labelled probe DoubleQuenched probe Molecular Beacon


As an ideal alternative for BHQ-2, the dark quencher BMN-Q590 is well suitable for fluorescent dyes like Tamra, Cyanine 3, Rox or Cyanine 3.5. It has an absorption maximum of 590 nm and a quenching range of approx.
550-650 nm and can be ordered as 3´-modification.


Similar to the quenchers BMN-Q460 and BMN-Q535, also offers the dark quencher BMN-Q620 as
5´, 3´ and internal modification. Thus, BMN-Q620 can be used ideally in Double Quenched Probes for the longer wavelength region. With an absorption maximum of 620 nm and a quenching range of 480 nm to 720 nm, it has a relatively wide range and can therefore optimally quench fluorescence dyes even in short-wave range.


With its absorption maximum of 650 nm and a quenching range of 550-720 nm, BMN-Q650 ideally covers the long-wavelength region and can be used as an alternative to BBQ-650 oder DDQ II. 
BMN-Q650 is available as 3´-modification.