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BMN Dyes and Quenchers

BMN Dyes– Dyes from

BMN-488, BMN-505, BMN-536, BMN-562

In addition to the wide range of known fluorescent dyes, also offers its own excellent alternatives.
The so-called BMN dyes can be attached to an oligonucleotide at the 5´- or 3´-end.

Dye                ABS [nm]              EM [nm] Alternative to
BMN-488 495 519 Atto 488, Alexa Fluor 488® (identical structure)
BMN-505 507 524 Fam, Fluorescein, FITC
BMN-536 536 553 Carboxyrhodamin 6G, Atto Rho6G
BMN-562 562 578 Rhodamin B
BMN-5 * 645 671 Cyanine 5
BMN-6 * 681 704 Cyanine 5.5

* Due to the changed patent situation of the cyanines, we recommend the use of the analog cyanine dyes Cyanine 5 (analog BMN-5) and Cyanine 5.5 (analog BMN-6).

BMN Quencher – Quenchers from

BMN-Q460, BMN-Q535, BMN-Q590, BMN-Q620, BMN-Q650

In addition to this wide range of available quenchers, also offers a "proprietary" quencher set.
The BMN quenchers of are excellent alternatives to the traditional Dark Quenchers due to their optimal matching quenching range.

Quencher ABS [nm] Quenching Range [nm] Alternative to
BMN-Q460 453 400-530 Dabcyl, DDQ I
BMN-Q535 494 480-580 BHQ-1, TQ2, DDQ I, Iowa Black FQ, Eclipse-Quencher, Dabcyl
BMN-Q590 535 550-650 BHQ-2, TQ3
BMN-Q620 550 480-720 BHQ-2, TQ3, BBQ-650, DDQ II, Iowa Black RQ
BMN-Q650 554 550-720 BBQ-650, DDQ II
                              BMN quencher set: dT20 oligo with 3´-quencher, measurement of absorption  spectra in buffer (pH 7.0)

Figure1: dT20 oligo with 3´-quencher, meaurement of absorption spectra in buffer (pH 7.0) 


With an absorption maximum of 460 nm, our Dark Quencher BMN-Q460 is particularly suitable for the short-wavelength region and represents an excellent alternative for the quenchers Dabcyl and DDQ I.
In addition to use in Molecular Beacons, in which it inhibits fluorescent signals by contact-quenching, BMN-Q460 can be used in various molecular biological applications. As 3´-quencher in Dual-Labelled probes (5´-nuclease assay), BMN-Q460 can be used in the range of 400-530 nm, so it is ideally suited for the fluorophores Atto 390, Atto 425 and Atto 465. offers the quencher BMN-Q460 as 5´-, 3´- or internal modification.


BMN-Q535 is the second Dark Quencher of and has an absorption maximum at about 535 nm and a quenching range from about 480 nm to 580 nm. This is the same range as BHQ-1, TQ2, DDQ I, Eclipse-Quencher or Iowa Black FQ, so BMN-Q535 may be an excellent alternative for this quenching.
BMN-Q535 is used as 3'-modification for standard Dual-Labelled Probes and Molecular Beacons.
We offer this quencher as 5 'or 3 modification. In addition, BMN-Q535 can be used as internal modification in Double Quenched probes with increased sensitivity.

               Dual-Labelled Probe              Double Quenched Probe              Molecular Beacon Probe
dual-labelled probe DoubleQuenched probe Molecular Beacon


As an ideal alternative for BHQ-2, the dark quencher BMN-Q590 is well suitable for fluorescent dyes like Tamra, Cyanine 3, Rox or Cyanine 3.5. It has an absorption maximum of 590 nm and a quenching range of approx.
550-650 nm and can be ordered as 3´-modification.


Similar to the quenchers BMN-Q460 and BMN-Q535, also offers the dark quencher BMN-Q620 as
5´, 3´ and internal modification. Thus, BMN-Q620 can be used ideally in Double Quenched Probes for the longer wavelength region. With an absorption maximum of 620 nm and a quenching range of 480 nm to 720 nm, it has a relatively wide range and can therefore optimally quench fluorescence dyes even in short-wave range.


With its absorption maximum of 650 nm and a quenching range of 550-720 nm, BMN-Q650 ideally covers the long-wavelength region and can be used as an alternative to BBQ-650 oder DDQ II. 
BMN-Q650 is available as 3´-modification.