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2´-modified RNA


2´-O-Methyl-RNA nucleotides

2´-O-Methyl-RNA for only 6,00 €/5.40£ per base (Scale S)

It has recently become possible to order RNA that are composed entirely of 2´-O-Methyl-RNA nucleotides, directly and comfortable online. 
To do this, choose the type of nucleic acid in our online order form and order easily and conveniently
Full-2'-OMe-RNA nucleotides at low price.

The HPLC purification of the RNA oligos is included.

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2´-modified RNA

2´-modified RNA


By definition it is a ribose if an oxygen is linked at 2´-carbon of the sugar. offers here a selection of different modifications:

  • 2´-O-Methyl
  • 2´-O-Methoxyethyl
  • 2´-O-Propargyl
  • 2´-O-Propylamin
  • 2´-Amino
  • 2´-Fluoro
   2´-modified RNA

Antisense oligonucleotides having a modification at the 2'-hydroxyl group (2´-O-methyl, 2´-O-methoxyethyl), often show an increased stability to enzymatic degradation. This also facilitates an improved distribution of the oligos in the cell.1 Furthermore, it was observed that 2´-modified oligonucleotides (2´-O-methyl, 2´-O-methoxyethyl, 2´-O-propyl, 2´-O-fluoro) bind with greater affinity to complementary RNA.2

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2. Evaluation of 2´-Modified Oligonucleotides Containing 2’-Deoxy Gaps as Antisense Inhibitors of Gene Expression. Monia BP, Lesnik EA, Gonzalez C, Lima WF, McGee D, Guinosso CJ, Kawasaki AM, Cook PD, Freier SM; The Journal of Biological Chemistry (1993), Inc. Val. 268, No. 19, pp. 14514-14522.