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Order of oligonucleotides in 96-deepwell plates

In order to ensure a rapid production process and a possibly short delivery time please note the following points for ordering oligonucleotides in plates:

  • Order is possible from at least 50 oligos per plate (additional charge for less than 50 oligos: 50.00 EUR / 40.00 GBP)
  • Use our Excel order form for plates. This can be downloaded here.

   Using our Excel order form, you can enter your sequences in the correct    order:
   From a manufacturing standpoint, filling in columns is best, so your order    can be processed more quickly.
   Our Excel order form is therefore constructed in columns, analogously to    the plate:
   Position A1 to H1, A2 to H2, ... .A12 to H12

If you prefer to use your own Excel sheet, please look at our example and organise your oligos in columns (A1 to H1, A2 to H2, etc.).

Select the type of plate:
Type A: plate is sealed by a puncturable foil.
Type B: plate is sealed with a non-puncturable removable foil.

If your oligos shall be delivered with a specific concentration, please enter in your e-mail the adjustment of concentration and your requested solvent (e.g. 100 µM in water).
Please note that for the adjustment of the concentration (50-500 µM, scale and length dependent) additional costs of
EUR 1.00 / 0.75 GBP incur per oligonucleotide.

Please mail the completed Excel order form directly to our laboratory:

No additional charges may apply for plates with 50 to 96 oligos organised in columns (A1 to H1, A2 to H2, etc.). Also full plates (96 oligos) which are arranged in rows (A1 to A12, B1 to B12, ...., H1 to H12) are free of charge. 

   Due to additional manual processing and increased production    engineering, extra costs may apply in the following cases:
  1. If the order and the arrangement of the oligos are correct (A1 to H1, A2 to H2, etc.), but the plate contains less than 50 oligos:
    extra charge of EUR 50.00 / 40.00 GBP per plate
  2. Order forms for plates with 50 to 96 oligos that we receive in rows (A1 to A12 to B12, etc. B1):
    additional handling charge of
    EUR 200.00 / 160.00 GBP per plate

Please note: Empty positions are not possible.

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us at any time:
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