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2´-modified RNA


2´-O-Methyl-RNA nucleotides

2´-O-Methyl-RNA for only 6,00 €/5.40£ per base (Scale S)

It has recently become possible to order RNA that are composed entirely of 2´-O-Methyl-RNA nucleotides, directly and comfortable online. 
To do this, choose the type of nucleic acid in our online order form and order easily and conveniently
Full-2'-OMe-RNA nucleotides at low price.

The HPLC purification of the RNA oligos is included.

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2´-modified RNA

2´-modified RNA


This RNA has modifications at the 2'-position of ribose. offers here a selection of different modifications:

  • 2´-OH
  • 2´-O-Methyl
  • 2´-O-Propargyl
  • 2´-O-Propylamin
  • 2´-Amino
  • 2´-Fluoro

If an oxygen is linked at 2´-carbon of the sugar, by definition it is a ribose. This does not mean that this ribose may bear the base thymine (instead of uracil)

2´-modified RNA

Antisense oligonucleotides having a modification at the 2'-hydroxyl group (2´-methyl), often show an increased stability to enzymatic degradation. This also facilitates an improved distribution of the oligos in the cell, as well as improved pharmacokinetics of the antisense oligos can be derived1. Furthermore, it was observed that 2'-modified oligonucleotides (2´-O-methyl, 2´-O-propyl, 2´-O-fluoro) bind with greater affinity to complementary RNA2.

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